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Empowerment: Live a happier life

Empowerment is a type of counseling that uses and develops all facets of your life. Whether it is socially, financially, or at work. Empowerment allows you to shape to your own life by emphasizing and building on your strengths. Empowerment is an active and positive way of counseling to help you provide the change you need to live a happier life.

Empowerment can help you:

  • Become more confident
  • Work on your social skills
  • Reduce tension
  • Learn how to say ‘no’
  • Set your own boundaries

A student I counseled had a lack of confidence and did not feel at ease within her social group. One might say she was a ‘wall flower’. I guided her for a period of five months, using the empowerment method. Some of her strengths were her incredible smile, her ability to play sports (basketball), and her support system (family). Using her strengths and working together with her family, she learned how to act within a social group. Role-play was used to let her practice how to interact with her peers. After five months of following the empowerment method she became a valuable basketball player. Furthermore she made friends while playing. In addition to this she did not feel shy anymore to get photographed or laugh with her friends.

Another example is about a lady that had to set her own boundaries in her work situation. She was usually asked to do the extra tasks, although she had a busy personal life. She applied the empowerment method. By doing this she learned where here boundaries are and when it is okay for her to say no. After just six weeks she was able to set her own boundaries in her work. Letting her feel more free and relaxed in her daily and professional life.

A professional that you trust and feel comfortable with can help guide you towards a more empowered life. So you feel more comfortable with yourself in your personal and professional life. Get empowered and be who you want to be !