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Relationship Counseling

Relationship Couseling

The world is running on different kind of relationships. It is only normal that sometimes it is hard to efficiently ‘make a relationship work’. Relationship counseling can be seen as counseling form between people. These people can be part of:

  • A family
  • A couple
  • Your workplace
  • The working relationship between a professional and a client.

Relationship counseling is a broad way of counseling. Often people that seek for relationship counseling feel misunderstood, angry, lonely and fight all the time. The goal of relationship counseling is to interpret the communication between people and to seek for a healthy and effective balance in your relationship. Relationship counseling will work with you and your partner to seek out ways to deal with existing problems. Also the origin of the problem is dealt with.

Over the years I have helped multiple people towards a more balanced relationship, using relationship counseling. Not just couples but also families.

For example a daughter and her mother. They had a troubled relationship where boundaries on both sides were not clear. Relationship counseling was used to set boundaries, improving the communication between them and the whole family. Not just the communication got better the atmosphere in whole family became more positive.

Another example is a couple that moved but they felt it difficult to integrate into their new community, which caused relationship troubles. They described that the atmosphere in the house was always negative, causing fights between them. Seeking help, I helped them not only with improving their relationship but also with some practical tips how to integrate into their new community. The result was that after three months the relationship itself was a lot more positive and balanced. In addition to this, they connected with the new community. Making the couple feel happier.

Depending on the kind of relationship counseling you require, a programme is developed for you personally. Using a professional that makes you feel comfortable to talk with e enables you to work on your relationship in a positive way.