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Quirien Schreurs

My name is Quirien Schreurs. I grew up in The Netherlands but I broadened my horizon by living, working and studying abroad. I started by being an au pair in Great Britain, followed by an Erasmus program in Finland, after which I did an internship in Australia for a year. A Master in Psychology finally led me to the Spanish Costa del Sol, where I have been living since 2014.

From very early on I have been very interested in healthcare and people. Which is why I studied nursing. I graduated to be a qualified nurse in 2010 and immediately continued with my education for social worker at the University of Applied Sciences. I graduated in 2014. Part of the coursework was an Erasmus program in Finland and an internship in Australia. These international experiences inspired me to follow a Master of Psychology in Spain. During my education I have continually worked (as an intern)in nursing homes, a hospital , a rehabilitation center, and a school for students with disabilities.

By combining my knowledge of body, mind, and social aspects, I provide an unique personalized approach. This unique approach is further shaped by my knowledge as a nurse, social worker and Master of Psychology. This way I can provide you with tailor made multidisciplinary positive counseling.

As counselor I will help you find your own answers to your questions. I help you take back control of your own life, and live a happier, more stress free, and more confident life.

To remain current in my discipline I do coursework as well as participation in supervision with colleagues.

I love my work and this is reflected  in my attitude towards my clients.

About Quirien

Quirien Schreurs