Stress Regulation

Stress, no matter where you live or what you do everybody is somehow affected by it. Stress about money, work, when to do the groceries and worrying about your loved ones.

Is it me or does the word stress nowadays appear everywhere? Stress is almost a ‘container’ concept because it is used in many ways. It seems like that the word stress is used to describe any problem situation. Which is of course not the case, because stress can best be described as ‘disturbing the existing balance which creates lots of agitation’. Nobody likes to be agitated by unwanted situations. Therefor it is important to specify the stress. It is important to distinguish positive and negative stress. Positive stress helps you to function in daily life, for example being fully prepared for a job interview. Negative stress is holding you back. There are various forms of stress that manifests themselves in different ways; physical stress (for example neck pain), mental stress (unable to act) or even social stress (unable or unwilling to go out and have some fun).

Fortunately there is a solution to deal with agitation caused by stress. This can be done by effective stress processing, using your own positive forces. By strengthening your positive forces you are able to better cope with stress, become more resilient. This may sound a little vague but actually it is quite simple. Because it is easier to focus on your strengths and reinforce this then to focus on something that you’re not so good at. To strengthen yourself (empower) can be done in three simple steps:

  1. Examine the situation, what is going on;
  2. Distinguish positive and negative factors;
  3. Reduce negative forces and reinforce the positive forces.

In different ways you can reinforce your positive forces. A tip is to recall previous experiences regarding handling stress that made you feel reassure. Try to recall what you did that made you feel confident handling stress and try to apply this in other situations. Another tip is to use your social environment because they know you and can help you in dealing with stress. In addition to this it is also beneficial to work on your physical and mental condition. To empower yourself requires work, time and patience in order to deal with stress and finding a balance in which you feel comfortable. Once (more) empowered you are resistant to stress which makes life so much more pleasant. So don’t be impressed by stress, it’s clear to address.